Supports for climbing plants

Help keep your climbers under control with this selection of supports for wall-climbing plants

Climbing plants add extra interest to gardens and help make the most of available growing space. They provide height at the back of borders, can be used to cover bare patches of fence, or hide unsightly walls. Whether you want to permanently secure your plant or simply train it into the correct shape, most climbing plants need some form of support, to prevent wind damage and keep wayward stems under control. We take a look at the variety of wall plant supports available to help you make the most of your climbers.

What to consider
When choosing your supports you need to think about the size of your plant when it reaches maturity. If you’re planning to grow a vigorous, woody climber then its weight may pull weak supports away from the wall,
so opt for strong metal wire and hooks. Garden mesh will suffice for less vigorous climbers.

Plant Securing Clips
Secure plant stems in position with these specially designed clips, which can loop around the plant and attach to training wires. Supplied as a pack of 50.
Price £1.95
From Two Wests & Elliott



Woody Slim Soft-Tie
This long-lasting, reusable tie can be used to secure plant stems. Soft-Tie can be secured with just a twist and cut with a pair of scissors.
8m (26ft).
Price £4.99
From Haxnicks

Gripple Plant Support System
Create a complete climbing support system for your plants. This set includes 30m (33yd) of plastic wire and four plastic joiners that allow wire to pass through in one direction only, locking it in place.
Price £15.30
From Two Wests & Elliott


Lead Headed Nails
Use these nails to attach plant stems directly to walls and fences. Their hardened steel shafts hold a soft lead pin for bending around plant stems. Supplied in packs of 10.
Price £3.25
From Bosmere Products Ltd


Bongo Ties
Secure climbing plants to canes with these elastic ties. The reusable bands have wooden toggles for fixing in position. Supplied as a pack of 10.
Price £3.99
From Lakeland



No Nail Plant Fixers
These fixers attach directly to brickwork without nails or screws, and can be used to tie back climbing plants. Adjusts to fit different sized plant stems. Supplied as a pack of six.
Price £2.99
From Garden Supply Direct

Build-Up Trellis
This lightweight, plastic trellis is supplied in six pieces, and can be built up as your plants grow. Can be attached to a fence or wall with twine or wire. 38cm (15in) wide by 174cm (68in) overall height.
Price £9.99
From Lakeland


Garden Mesh Climbing Plant Support
Ensure climbing plants receive the support they need with this rot-proof garden mesh. It is perfect for use against walls and fences. 50cm (20in) by 5m (16ft).
Price £13.19
From Focus


Lever Loops
This is a very easy solution for tying back plant stems.
Simply place around the stem and cane to hold your
plant in place. Supplied as a pack of 50.
Price £2.25
From Bosmere Products Ltd


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